C’est La Vie worm farm is unique in its approach to worm farming, most worm farms in South Africa concentrate on harvesting the compost worms produce from organic matter.  Therefore they use animal manures as their staple diet.  At C’est La Vie we concentrate on reducing the amount of waste going to the landfills.  Thus we only use organic material that would normally be thrown away, ie fruit and vegetable waste from house holds, restaurants and supermarkets etc. where the waste would end up on the landfill.  There are many other ways of converting horse and cattle manure to a good quality compost but there are only a few ways to convert our waste to something better than carbon dioxide and methane, this the earthworm can do well.

We have found that people are aware of the environmental crisis at present and the need to be “green”.  They want to attend to their waste in a responsible and environmental friendly way but due to time, lack of knowledge and physical constraints by most home owners, it is a problem to run and care for a worm farm at home.  For these reasons C’est La Vie worm farm was established to centralise and optimise the breaking down of organic matter with the use of earthworms.



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