At C’est La Vie Worm Farm we try to “recycle” and “re-use” as much as possible, therefore all our Worm Bins are from old dustbins and old car tyres, which have been modified to accommodate earthworms, yet still make it simple to harvest the compost.

The re-used dustbins, known as a flow-through system.  This is a very practical and easy way to farm worms.  It is more for the person who wants a hassle free compost bin in their back yard, which still produces a top quality compost.

Price: R250-00.  *Now on special for only R120-00

The tyre bins are known as a vertical stacking system. This system is a bit smaller than the flow-through bin, but it is easier to harvest your compost.

Price: R120-00.

We believe you should try and get as many worms to start your bin, rather than using all your money on housing for the worms.

Prices of worms are R180-00 for 250g (+/- 1000 worms) or R600-00 for 1kg (=/- 4000 worms).

Worm Castings: R120.00 for 20dm³.

Worm Castings should only be used in its pure form for seed germination.

Existing plants:  A small amount can be added at the base of the plant just under the soil.

New plants:  Castings can be mixed with potting soil at a rate of 12% or a small amount must be added near the root area of the plant.

Castings should always stay moist for best results.


All deliveries in George are free.

* Only orders of 5 or more compost bins will be delivered free in the George area. 


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